They went to school….. And never came back

As 2014 neared its ending, it left the world with memories which aren’t worth remembering. 16th December 2014, will be marked as the ‘Black Day’ in the history of humankind.
9 members of the Tehrik-i-taliban Pakistan directed the deadliest terrorist attack at Army Public School in the city of Peshawar, killing hundreds of children and staff members while a large number of students were wounded.
Students were gunned down and teachers were burned alive. Some played dead, some hid behind the benches, while the others glutted their ties into their mouths to repress their screams, each one of them knowing that they’ll be shot gradually.
The children watched the outrageous blackout of their friends being shot terribly. Were these children at their school to experience something as heinous as that?
There’s no justification for this act of horror and cowardice. It was horrendous to attack small children while they were learning.

The slaughter of the innocent, angelic children repelled a country which was already zonked by the interminable terrorist attacks.
The Pakistani Taliban extremists attacked the children of the army families hoping that the government would ease the military offense against them but to their surprise, the attack came to bring along the opposite effect. Pakistan promised to take up a campaign that will ground zero the militants. They vowed to take account of each and every drop of their children’s blood and to raise a crest of brutality in response to the operation executed on their children. So, was this attack really needed? Did it bring any change or benefited anyone? Rather it raised the anguish and the longing of reprisal.

By the advent of dusk, funeral rituals of those small children were already held. The children who went to school in their uniforms in the morning, were in coffins by then.The place of wisdom in Pakistan, ripened into the home of panic and terror in seconds. The smallest caskets were the heaviest.
No words can describe the union of despair and agitation felt by people around the world by this cold blooded enormity.
Terrorism is the new religion. These fights will advance, there are no doubts about it. And, an increased number of innocent people will be killed in future as well because all I can see is an expanded count of cowards willing to worship this new sect.
Humanity died with those 141.

Arachika Kapoor


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