25 is a wonder age for everyone. People consider it as a turning point in their life. There is a lot of pressure on the person to be settled, whether to be in a perfect job or planning about the future! Once you turn 25, you are considered to be mature and consider significant decisions in your lifetime.

25 matters because you are counted to be mature and more serious about your life and the move that you prepare to complete your dreams. As per legal terms, a person is considered to be an adult at the age of 18. But we recognize that even if we conceive a person of 18 years old to be an adult, the mindset is still of a teenager. The experience to handle the situation and to deal with the real problems is something that you learn with time. From getting into the college to start kneading for a firm, all these sorts of significant bits of life are experienced by the person in between the years of 18-25. Before 25 you can try almost everything that you want to do, because you are free…without any responsibility and get funds from parents. But once you get through your college you step into the real world where you have to face the challenge to discover yourself. And by 25, everyone, including your own self will look that you will see your rage and desires to get settled life. These are the things that make 25 is a mattering age.


Yes, we can consider it is a milestone age. Because, as said above, we all expect that it should be the age where we all know what we actually want from life. Where we want to be, what we want to achieve, and most importantly, start taking the responsibility of our respective families. Once we cross this age, we try to make some important decision of life like having a perfect package for living or looking for a life partner or buying the house or own a car. High expectations will never come to an end.

Few things that we must experience before turning 25 are:

  • Travel around.
  • Find your true passion.
  • Get a job.
  • Fall in love.
  • Have failures to learn from.

In short, enjoy your life as much as you can, because it gets complicated with each passing day.




Kumari Anisha


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