Atheist or Not ?

The originating philosophy of Hinduism is “we all are god’s (Brahm’s) child and we all possess that same divine energy”. Now if we don’t consider this belief at all and look at a very practical example ; Fire always ignites in the upward direction and not downwards because its source (Sun) is situated upwards.

Similarly for water which never flows upwards because of the very same reason i.e. , it originates from the earth. The point in trying to make is, “Every single person or object possesses or inherits the same qualities as its originating source or parent”. Now even if you don’t consider that God (Brahma) as your parent or doesn’t believe in him, you should understand the fact that if we all aren’t originated from a same source then “Why is the ultimate goal of each one of us is happiness and joy ?”

No matter the ways and means are different but what are they for ? What’s the one thing we want in the end, happiness ? An alcoholic drinks because he thinks that’s giving him joy similarly for a person who is studying hard for getting a good job, starting his own family and all of that. For what ?



So the thing I want to convey here is we all have that same inherent purpose in us, though the means may be different. So from that you should understand that no one can be an atheist

Kushagra Dubey

(This post has been taken from The Speaking Tree)


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