Top Best Spot For Eateries In Delhi

Restaurant is basically a business which serves you your favorite dishes. Either you want to eat something or peckish that hits just the right spot to try something like delicious local cuisine.

1.Khan chacha’s kebab, Khan Market:- The owner’s name Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan has been ranked as the most expensive restaurant in India. It is famous for food like kebab rolls, mutton seekh kebab , paneer tikka ,mutton tikka rumali roll ,chicken tikka rumali rolls , only from Salim’s kebab it is located at the heart of city .

2.Karim’s, Jama Masjid, New Delhi:- It is famous for its mutton korma, chicken curry, chicken jhangiri, nargisi kofta & brain curry. It serves only non-veg. Dine is available. Its single bite can take you to the heaven. Its a worth going place its one of the side of Delhi which is hidden from many years, if you are searching for the real meat it is the true place.

3.Moti Mahal:- Moti mahal has invented for it some of the popular Indian tandoor dishes such as Butter chicken & dal makhni as well. This restaurant is currently located in Daryaganj area of Old Delhi. These all famous dishes are served with variety of Indian breads like naan.

4.Chori bizarre:- Moti mahal is famous for its invention of some of the best tradition Kashmiri cuisine. The restraunt showcase a decorum which may show the tradition of medieval period of India. Basically people like their lamb based dishes more.

5.Chandini Chowk street food:- Chandini chowk is also called food capital of India, it is famous for its street food. There are hundreds of variety in snacks, specially chaat. The Chandini Chowk street is full halvais, paratthewallah & namkeenwallah. TheParathewali gali adds feather to cap, it is on top of the list of Chandini Chowk’s street. It is the narrow street there which sells paratha & fried Indian breads. It is that much famous, even in the Bombay some of the restaurants tried copying the Delhi’s famous lane. The food is quite old fashioned but it is pure vegetarian these dishes don’t include garlic & onion. Varieties include stuffing of kaju, badam, matar, rabri, khoya, gobhi, parat, mint, chilly, dry fruit, khurchan, banana, karela, lady finger & tomato.
These served with some special chutney such as mint chutney, sweet tamarind, mixed veggie pickle, paneer & potato curry & sauteed mash of pumpkin.
Chaat is the real flavor of Delhi which lies in it. The real chaat is a mixture of small chopped pieces of potato, dahi bhalla, crispy fried bread, tangy salty spices & gram. The mixture is adorn or garnished with homemade sour Indian chilly & imli chutney or saunth, fresh leaves of coriander & yoghurt. Papdi chutney includes kachaalu chutney, saunth & khataa papdi.
They also offer the pao bhaaji & aloo tikki, fruit chaat, rabdi faluda in the flavour of kesar, pista, rose, kewra, banana, mango & pomegranate.

6.Freeze Lounge:- Freeze lounge is designed by the ice box & it is an Indian chain of ice bar. It is reconstructed in every six months. It is famous for its Chinese, continental, Italian, Lebanese, Mexican & north Indian cuisine.

Srishty Kanojia

(This post is taken from Easy Recipe)


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